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2009 - 2014 Horse Show Proofs          Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show 2006-2015
                                                                              and 2012-2013 Arabian Horse Celebration

2015 Horse Shows

Jingle Bell, December 2015

California Saddle Horse Futurity, October 2015

Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association Championship, October 2015

Northwest Fall Classic, September 2015

All American Horse Classic, September 2015

Illinois State Fair, Saddledbred-Pony Session, August 2015

ASAW Summerfun, July 2015

Santa Barbara National, July 2015

Del Mar Charity Fair, June 2015

Region One Championship and Pre Show, May 2015

The Horse Show at Woodside, May 2015

Del Mar National Hunter Jumper Week, April 2015

Region 7 Championship and Pre Show, April 2015

Monterey Springfest, April 2015

Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show, February 2015